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Thanks to modern economic and technological revolutions, there are more ways than ever to invest in gold coins and bullion and buy gold online. As gold prices increase and the demand continues to rise, more and more investors are looking to protect their assets and buy gold as a way of diversifying and protecting their investment portfolios. Owning gold doesn’t always mean you need physical gold bullion or actual gold coins. Just like many trade and buy stock online or use other investing tools, there are ways of owning “virtual gold” that you can purchase via secure mastercard such as gold options, Gold ETF certificats, gold accounts, shares, spread betting, and many others. Take a look through our site for articles, tips, and guides on the various ways one can invest in gold. Find additional sites like Goldline International where you can buy silver coins at Goldline and learn about the benefits of investing in gold.

Swiss Franc Gold Coins

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It was back in 1942 when the Swiss first struck a gold coin as legal tender internationally recognized. These coins were known as the Swiss Franc gold coin and were loved by collectors and gold investors anywhere around the globe. Today these coins are still being produced on an annual basis and collectors want to [...]

Russian Roubles Gold Coins

The Russian Roubles gold coins are amazing collector’s items which is perfect for starting off anyone into the world of gold investing. It is a 10 ruble coin that features the Imperial Coat of arms and the seal of ‘His Tsarist Majesty which depicts a two headed eagle with three crowns on the reverse. This [...]

The Ghana Gold Trade

On the other side of the world, one will find the country of Ghana. The thing that this impoverished nation is known for is its gold and the Ghana gold trade is definitely the place to be for any investor looking to strike it rich in precious metals investments.
It does not matter if you are [...]

St. Gauden’s Double Eagle Gold Coin

From the years 1907 up until 1933, the U.S. Mint produced a twenty dollar gold coin known as the St. Gaudens Double Eagle. The St. Gaudens Double Eagle gold coin is named after the designer who originally sculpted both the obverse as well as reverse sides of the coin.
On the obverse side of the St. [...]

African Gold Trade: An Introduction

One of the largest suppliers of gold to the world markets is that of Africa. Every year, thousands of kilograms of gold are mined out of the country by the locals, sold to dealers in South Africa who in turn refine the ore and take it to Europe to sell at trade fairs. Because of [...]

Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coins

A popular choice amongst both coin collectors from around the world as well as those wanting to invest in gold bullion is that of the Austrian Philharmonic gold coins. These particular gold coins are just as popular as the Krugerrands and are made available in the same market. They are also available for anyone to [...]

American Buffalo Gold Coins

The American Buffalo gold coins are made of 24-karat gold and printed under the Presidential $1 Coin Act. It features design work by James Earle Fraser, who was a student of Augustus Saint-Gaudens, the artist who developed the popular Double Eagle design.
On the obverse of the American Buffalo gold coins, one will find a Native [...]

2010 Australian Kangaroo Gold Coins

The 2010 Australian Kangaroo gold coins are minted in the Perth Mint and are considered to be one of the most popular choices amongst both coin collectors as well as gold investors from around the world.
It was first introduced back in 1986 and features 99.99% fine gold composition. Every year since its introduction, the design [...]