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Rules For Gold Investments

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There are many reasons to invest in gold bullion. Having gold bullion as part of your asset portfolio is a solid investment. Gold is insurance against the falling value of fiat money. While stocks and bonds and paper money all hold value, this value fluctuates and is falling rapidly. The only currency that has stood the test of time is gold. Be it in bars, coins, jewelry, gold has and always will be the standard for wealth. Thousands of years of human history prove this. Especially in times of recession, like we are enduring right now, gold tends to only increase in value and worth as more and more people seek it out for security. This should tell your something, the best way to protect your assets and recession proof your wealth is to invest in gold bullion.

There are a few guidelines that should be followed if you are to invest in gold wisely:

First, a mistake many make is to borrow money in order to increase their gold investments. Don't do this. It is a risky strategy, and the whole reason you are investing in gold in the first place is for the security it provides. The value of gold rises and falls with the markets, though it will never ever loose it's value completely. The stock market can crash, major corporations can go under in the blink of an eye, but gold will never loose its intrinsic value. If you have used borrowed money to invest, you risk loosing everything on a venture. Investing in gold is not an investment venture, it is an asset protection strategy. Use your own money, not somebody elses.

Next, make sure you have the gold. Not the receipt, not a promise, not a number on the internet that tells you how much gold you have, rather take possession of it. We can't stress this enough, people sell gold options, gold stocks, and all sort of gold that is not actually gold. These people go out of business and file for bankruptcy. The only way you can truly be secure is to have the gold in your possession.

Resist trading your gold bullion just because the value is rising. Remember, you are investing for the future, if you cash in all your gold assets, you are placing your wealth in the hands of the governments who are liable to play all sorts of games with their fiat currency. Even governments go bankrupt (Iceland, Australia... who is next?) Don't be caught without your gold bullion when you need it the most.

Not all gold is equal unfortunately. You want your gold portfolio to be mainly made up of easily recognized and reputable bars and coins. American gold eagle coins, Canadian maple leafs, South African Krugerrands, and Mexican Centenarios. Having collectable coins and random golden items is good, but not as easily traded.

Buy from those you have relationships with. Build those relationships, for they are the doorkeepers to your wealth. Ebay is quickly becoming a great way to purchase gold bullion. Paypal is insured, and ebay offers a host of different kinds of protection to both the sellers and the buyers. Buying gold on Ebay will likely become one of the most popular ways to get gold bullion in the years to come.

Do your due diligence when buying large quantities of gold. Shop around, get price quotes, you can find a significant savings potential when buying in bulk, just be sure you know who you are buying from.

Follow these rules to get the most out of your gold bullion investment portfolio.

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