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Maple Leaf Coins

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The Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin is probably one of the most sought after legal tender gold bullion coins in the world. It is made from pure 24 karat gold. The American Eagle and the South African Krugerrand both have pure gold in them, but also contain trace amounts of copper and/or silver to increase their resistance to wear.

The Canadian Maple Leaf is said to be the most pure gold bullion coin in the world. While it is slightly less durable than the other gold bullion coins, it is primarily a collectors item, or an investors keepsake. It is not circulated like normal currency, which is more prone to being damaged, scratched, and even bent since gold is naturally very pliable.

The fact that the Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin has become very popular the world over is likely due to the fact that it is pure gold with nothing mixed in. This allows for the coin to be melted down, if the need be, to increase its liquidity (no pun intended). Other less informed buyers might see it as a better value, though this is simply not the case. The same amount of gold is in a Maple Leaf as is in a Krugerrand. The added metals do not count in the weight or value of the coins. However, the simple fact that the Maple leaf is pure 24 karat gold attracts many buyers.

The coin is designed with a Canadian maple leaf on one side, and a bust of the Queen Elizabeth II on the other. This is also the same design on a Canadian penny, but even so it's hard to mix the two up.

You can purchase the gold bullion in various denominations: 1 Troy Ounce, 1/2 Troy Ounce, 1/4 Troy Ounce, 1/10 Troy Ounce, 1/20 Troy Ounce. There is also a series of Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins, also 99.99% pure silver bullion.

If you are an investor or collector, the Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin is a good choice to add to any collection or investment portfolio.

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