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How To Start Investing In Gold

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The following is a small sample taken from a VERY informative ebook recently published by our friends at the Q Wealth Report. The Q has been a resource for wealth creation and asset protection for over a decade. Starting as a print magazine and moving more recently onto the web. The advice they share is both unique and lucrative. You can read more about their new ebook here: The Gold Report. We certainly learned a a wealth of information from this ebook, and the many others available with the yearly subscription offered by Q Wealth. Check them out for yourself and learn some awesome Wealth Management Advice.

The Gold Report Chapter 2: How To Buy Gold Bullion

One way is to go down to your local gold dealer and buy government minted gold coins, or – if your investment is big enough - bars. Gold dealers can be found in all major cities.

Most banks worldwide can also sell you gold, but with a few notable exceptions, such bank transactions will be neither cheap nor private.

There are three problems with this:

• The premiums charged by local gold dealers or banks are sometimes huge. (Remember banks also typically charge for secure delivery to the branch, insurance etc which is all an added cost you will have to bear) You will finally be paying a large premium over the official spot price. Granted, some of that is accounted for by the difference between the ‘official’ price and the real ‘free market’ price that I’ve already talked about. But there are several smart ways you can buy gold at the official price or even less, then take delivery of physical gold bullion that you too can sell at a premium ‘free market’ price (and believe me it will not be hard to find buyers at the ‘free market’ price)

• If you are seeking the maximum protection by buying gold to hold and store outside your home country, you want to find a way to sidestep any reporting requirements – legally of course. You and only you (or chosen trusted family members or associates) should know about the gold. You don’t want the gold dealer to file a government report on you. Most bullion and coin dealers worldwide are required to file reports on transactions they carry out, typically over $10,000.

• An additional problem is that some countries tax gold bullion. Some European countries like France charge VAT on gold. This is obviously equivalent to a huge premium.

Let’s assume that your requirements are more sophisticated than simply purchasing a few gold coins through your local dealer or bank. In this chapter, I’m going to explain three methods of buying physical gold bullion that avoid these problems, to a greater or lesser extent. Each method has a different level of complexity, cost, anonymity and – yes – risk. Whichever you choose, if any, will depend on you. You need to weigh up the respective advantages and disadvantages as they are applicable to your own personal situation. For example, if you want to put aside $1000 a month in gold out of your regular income, your requirements will be very different from someone who wants to purchase $1,000,000 worth of gold bullion in one fell swoop.

If you are smart, with a little thought you can mix and match some of these ideas. In business there a few hard and fast rules. In buying and selling gold, you can always negotiate and ask for what you want.

If you need any help with any of this, you should seek professional advice.

The methods that Peter Macfarlane goes on to describe in his ebook are both highly valuable, and kept under wraps by financial advisers. You can take control of your wealth and invest a little into a yearly subscription with Q Wealth. Trust us, while we don't have any online coupons available for it right now, it is well worth the money!

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