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Where To Trade Gold Flakes

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Over the years, many people have made the decision to purchase gold flakes. In most cases, they get their hands on vials from different dealers on E-Bay or other auction websites. Before we get too far into discussing how and where to trade gold flakes, it is important to take the time to denote exactly what is in these vials.

Is it gold? Of course it is, but you have to remember that gold is a mineral and does not come in the form of flakes. It is a very heavy metal as well which means that it will not simply float in a suspension liquid. These vials that you have been collecting are nothing more then gold leaf.

Gold has some amazing properties and one of them is the ability to be pounded thinner then a piece of paper. You can actually buy gold leaf anywhere and a large book of it does not really cost much at all, because it does not weight a lot.

There is only really two ways that gold will exist. The first of these is in rock form which can be either as a gold nugget or as gold dust. The second is in cast form which is what occurs to the metal after it has been refined. It may be cast into a coin or as a bar; but it may also be extruded as a wire to make necklaces and the like. The only time it comes in a flake form is when someone takes good old fashioned gold leaf, crumbles up a couple of pieces and suspends it in an oil.

If you have a lot of it; perhaps thousands of these vials, then you might actually have enough old that you can trade. But chances are that you would really need hundreds of thousands of these vials in order to get a full troy ounce of gold. It is possible to trade gold flakes, but it is not all that easy because the metal needs to be cleaned after being suspended in oil and then needs to be carefully melted back into a cast form in order to be traded.

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