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What are the most valuable gold coins for sale?

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Investing in gold coins is an excellent to store away a little emergency fund for a rainy day and make an excellent profit return on the investment as well. However there are tens of thousands of different coins available on the market, how do you know which gold coins for sale are worth buying?

The Bradford Exchange as well as the Franklin Mint is exclusively-owned agencies who put out "collectable version coins" of various designs, but due to the fact that these coins aren’t from a licensed bullion distributor or government entity, serious gold coin investors are typically not in the market for these coins. Although these coins are just as well minted and typically have quite high artistic and ascetic value, they typically perform very badly as profitable collectables. The main reason being is that since they aren't from an accredited distributor they can’t technically be considered bullion and can’t be traded publicly in the gold market. For gold investors it’s a better overall idea to just buy traditional bullion coins and bars from respected dealers like the US federal mint.

Gold coins typically aren’t the most profitable gold investment you can make. Sure gold coins are fun to collect, and if you value the esthetic value of the actual coins and enjoy displaying and collecting them to the point that the overall value is of lesser concern then gold coins are right up your alley. However if you are trying to get the maximum return on your investment, traditional gold bars, ingots and rounds are a better option for physical gold purchases. In fact, gold ETF’s and other futures investing has the biggest profit potential, although the risks to the initial investment are quite substantial. One thing you do get in return for a less valuable return on your capital with gold coins is the guarantee that they can be resold in a inch and wont lose very much of their initial purchase price.

If, on the other hand, collecting gold is more of a hobby than a business then there are some really nice coins that are also traded as bullion. These coins include American Eagles, Maple Leafs, Pandas and other coins officially minted as bullion. Even better you could buy classic American. gold, such as the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles, which trade at normal market value plus about 8%-10% of that price for most editions. These types of coins have two really positive benefits to them; first the coin itself will always be worth the market price of gold. You will never lose your initial investment completely no matter what. Another benefit is that these coins may increase in value because of rarity. Be careful though as coins regarded officially as “rare” can sometimes be taken out of the bullion classification.

Buying gold coins for sale in the open market can be a really easy way to pick up a great investment that will hold or increase in value better than practically anything else in your investment portfolio. As always, it is so important to hold physical gold as part of your investment. Here is a good article at the Q Wealth Report to see why: Another Reason Why Gold Should Always Be Under Your Control

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