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St. Gauden’s Double Eagle Gold Coin

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St-gaudens-gold-double-eagle-gold-coinFrom the years 1907 up until 1933, the U.S. Mint produced a twenty dollar gold coin known as the St. Gaudens Double Eagle. The St. Gaudens Double Eagle gold coin is named after the designer who originally sculpted both the obverse as well as reverse sides of the coin.

On the obverse side of the St. Gaudens Double Eagle gold coin, you will find Lady Liberty holding on to the Torch of Freedom as well as an olive branch. In the background there is also the U.S. Capitol. On the reverse side there is a bald eagle which is flying past the sun. As with most American coins, the lettering 'E Pluribus Unum' can be found; along the edge with the standardized American Stars.

This particular gold coin weighs in at just over a troy ounce and is 2 millimeters in thickness. The composition of this particular coin though is only 90% gold with the remaining portion being that of copper. The gold itself weighs in at 0.9675 troy ounces.

The development of the St. Gaudens Double Eagle gold coin was as a result of Theodore Roosevelt’s effort to make the American coins more beautiful and as such hired Augustus St. Gaudens to overhaul the existing designs. Before he passed away he had managed to finish this one coin as well as the Indian Eagle coin. It is considered by many as one of the best designs in history and today the double eagle is found as the standard for all American gold bullion coins printed by the mint.

The St. Gaudens Double Eagle gold coin has a lot of history and even went through many different design changes before finalizing the design. Luckily for investors out there, some of the flawed designs along the way made it into circulation making them some of the most sought after coins from anywhere around the globe.

St. Gauden's Gold Coin Auctions

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