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Russian Roubles Gold Coins

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russian-roubles-gold-coinsThe Russian Roubles gold coins are amazing collector’s items which is perfect for starting off anyone into the world of gold investing. It is a 10 ruble coin that features the Imperial Coat of arms and the seal of 'His Tsarist Majesty which depicts a two headed eagle with three crowns on the reverse. This depiction represents the two Tartar kingdoms and the Russian realm. The eagle has a shield depicting a horseman and a dragon on its chest which has made it very popular amongst British coin collectors and investors.

While this original coin may no longer be made, its successor is known as the Soviet chervonetz and is still widely available. The chervonetz was introduced in 1923 under the rule of the Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic. The previously mentioned coin was introduced by Tsar Nicholas II back in 1898 and up until he and his family were brutally murdered more then a year after stepping down as ruler of Russia.

Later on, the rouble gold coin would resurface in another form as a means of competing against the popular Krugerrand as an internationally accept gold bullion coin. When this later form was released under British Sovereign, an act in US congress made it available for Americans to finally purchase this coin which saw a leap of the gold prices from a mere $40 per ounce, all the way up to more then $200.

The Russian Rouble is definitely a beautiful coin which today is only available through the second hand market. It has been attributed to the increased value of gold world wide during the mid 1900’s and today is a highly sought after collectible by coin collectors as well as investors of gold and other precious metals, world wide. This is definitely one coin anyone will want to get their hands on if they should happen across one.

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