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Great Britain Five Pound Crown Gold Coin

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5-pound-gold-coinGreat Britain once ruled much of the known world. Their empire spanned the globe, and trade in gold was an extremely lucrative business. Naturally Britain amassed a great deal of wealth during these times and minted their own gold coins. Gold Sovereigns are perhaps the best known coins that were minted by the English. These sovereigns were actually used as currency and circulated throughout the realm until the first world war broke out. Interestingly it was around the year 1914 that most of the world stopped producing gold coins as a currency, and they did not start the process again until the 60s. Nevertheless, for over 500 years the gold sovereign has been produced and circulated.

The largest gold coin produced by Great Britain is the 5 sovereign, or £5 Coin gold coin. It has a rich history dating back to 1820 when the proof pattern was struck for this coin, but none were actually issued. It had limited circulation in 1887, 1893, and 1902 though it was never used for much more than a commemorative coin of the realm.

Starting in 1980 though, these £5 Coin gold coins were once again issued to the general public. They have been produced pretty much every year since and are quite beautiful to behold. There is often a bit of confusion though since there are two different kinds of five pound coins that are currently issued. Often one will hear this coin referred to as the “five pound crown” and this is thanks to the five shilling crown’s promotion in 1971 for good behavior.

five-pound-great-britian-crownThe traditional £5 Coin gold sovereign coin depicts St. George slaying the dragon on one side and the royal crest on the reverse. The design changes many years, and perhaps one of the most beautiful designs is on the 2007 Gold proof five pound Crown which has the letters in latin: “TVEATVR VINTA DEVS” and a beautiful cathedral style roof and latticework.

These gold coins make a sound investment and a wonderful addition to any collection. Though they are rare and highly collectible, they are also a little expensive. This often results in a low demand for the coin and it can often be found at great savings over the original price. If you catch the coin during these times, you can be sure you have found a very valuable investment to further diversify your gold coin investment portfolio.

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