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Buying Uncirculated Gold Coins

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The concept of uncirculated gold coins has been around for quite some time. What this means is that the coin has never been circulated into the regular currency reserves which means that every single specimen is in mint condition.

For the sake of collectors, and for the maintaining of value, the United States Mint creates sets of coins every single printing which are to be sold off purely as uncirculated gold coins. Of course they do the same for all of their coins which means that one can go to their website and purchase a roll of any of the currently printed coins in uncirculated rolls or single sleeves. There are many different locations specializing in selling gold that also provide mint condition gold coins that have never entered general circulation.

It is important to point out the differences between a proof set and an uncirculated set of coins as there seems to be some misunderstanding about them. The proof sets are specifically minted with special qualities or extra work done to them before being sold off. In some cases an artist may hand paint the coins to make them look better, but to the true coin collector, it is the uncirculated coins which look the best.

The value of any coin is increased when it is in better condition and nothing is better then an uncirculated coin. Just because gold coins are already very valuable for the fact that they are composed of a precious metal, does not mean they are not worth more in mint condition. For the investor though, purchasing uncirculated gold coins means that you are going to get the best price for your money. In many cases the value of the coin being sold directly from the mint is based on the value of gold at the time of printing and not the current spot price. For an investor this is crucial especially when the value of gold is much higher then it was at the time of minting.

Uncirculated Gold Coin Auctions

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