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Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coins

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Austrian-Philharmonic-gold-coinA popular choice amongst both coin collectors from around the world as well as those wanting to invest in gold bullion is that of the Austrian Philharmonic gold coins. These particular gold coins are just as popular as the Krugerrands and are made available in the same market. They are also available for anyone to pick up on the second-hand market as well.

This is just like many of the legal tender gold coins that are available today in that they can be purchased directly through the mint in uncirculated fashion, or they can be purchased as previously owned gold bullion. Unlike the Kruerrands, the Austrian Philharmonic gold coin brings a much higher premium price when available on the second-hand market due to its collectible value.

The obverse side of this coin features the Vienna Musikverein Concert Hall which is home to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. There is also a stamped face value of the coin in Euros, the year of minting as well as its purity and eight. Some of the older versions which can be found on the second-hand market depict a value in shillings rather then in Euros.

On the reverse side of the Austrian Philharmonic gold coin, one can find an entire array of musical instruments that one would find utilized in the orchestra. This of course is to keep along with the theme of the coin; the philharmonic orchestra.

It is a one ounce 99.99% pure 22-karat gold bullion coin that is 37 millimeters in diameter. It is also 2 millimeters in thickness which makes the Austrian Philharmonic gold coins slightly larger then the Krugerrand or the Gold Eagle coins. They make an interesting choice for any coin collector, musical enthusiast or the gold investor in anyone; and are a perfect choice for someone who is just starting off in investing in gold.

Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin Auctions

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