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2010 Olympic Gold Coins and More

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canada-olympic-gold-coin-2010Olympic gold coins are highly prized and very rare gold coins specially minted every 4 years for the Olympics. Unique designs and beautiful details make these coins very collectable. Capturing the spirit of the Olympics, these gold Olympic coins have been as much a tradition of the games as lighting the torch.

This year the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Gold Coins are both stunningly beautiful and extremely valuable. Investing in these gold bullion coins will make for a valuable and prized asset as well as a stunning addition to your collection. Originally minted in 2009 the special edition olympic gold maple leaf coins are perhaps some of the most beautiful commemorative olympic coins ever produced. With a $50 face value, .9999 troy ounces of pure gold, and brilliantly colored maple leaf on one side and an engraved hockey player (Canada's national sport) on the other, these coins are as eye catching as they are beautiful!

Throughout the years, beautiful coins have been produced from the commemorative 1980 russian gold coins, the 1998 Japanese Nagano gold coin set, to the amazing and legendary 1984 Moscow Olympics gold coins. Just owning a single piece of this world history that brings nations together and celebrates the human spirit and ability to achieve the impossible makes these coins not only good investments since they will always be valuable, rare, and highly collectible- but also stunning additions to any coin collection.

Olympic Gold Coins On Sale

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