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South African Krugerrand Gold Coin

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Gold Krugerrand coins are among the most recognizable gold coins in the world. Originally minted in South Africa from the vast deep mined gold reserves, these gold coins have spread across the globe as investors and collectors both view the 1976 gold Krugerrand coin as especially highly desirable. For many years US citizens were not permitted to own actual gold bullion, so buying gold coins was a loophole in that rule. Nowadays that is not the case, but buying gold coins is still an incredibly good option for investing in bullion. Not only is it small and easy to store, they are easily purchased and sold in a variety of ways.

One of the best things about investing in gold coins is the coins themselves hold more value than the physical spot gold within. Due to the collectible nature of the coins, you can often sell them for a premium above the going rate for gold. Here's just a few of the best deals we've found for buying Gold Krugerrand coins.

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