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Gold Coin Necklace: Buying And Selling

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If you have a gold coin necklace I am quite sure it is beautiful and you receive many compliments. Not only is it likely a beautiful addition to your wardrobe, it is a sort of hedge against inflation, because it is gold and will always be worth something. As a piece of jewelry you probably paid a high commission well past the value of its gold content, that is why it is not considered bullion. Or perhaps the coin is an heirloom that has been passed down for many years in your family. Gold coins in necklaces are not exactly the same though as making a gold bullion investment. As we already stated, the gold coin pendant is not considered gold bullion per se due to its ornamental nature. In addition when you sell any gold jewelry you will receive a paltry sum as opposed to gold bullion. Perhaps though, people who wear this type of gold coin necklace are probably not serious gold investors nor are they interested in becoming one. They are primarily interested in high fashion. Whatever you paid for the coin that came with the necklace, the necklace itself produced quite a commission for those that sold it, even if the necklace is 24 kt gold. The more elaborately designed the necklace part, the more the markup.

It is risky enough to wear ostentatious gold necklaces, now with a coin added in these times, depending upon the area and your knowledge of the area, you could be taking on serious risk. This risk can take the physical and economic form when you find yourself knocked-out minus your necklace and coin. If you want a nice coin necklace purchase one with some Euros attached. This way you have a nice gold necklace for fashion and you have some extra money to be more serious in your gold purchases. A good gold coin necklace should be used only in an emergency, reminiscent of hundreds of years ago. This is when in a leather pouch under your tunic and around your neck you kept your gold coins, or other coins of value.

Gold buying, and selling for that matter, is a serious transaction and should be thought through as to the best price for you and the most convenient form for any contingencies. That being said, it's not unheard of to find some amazing deals on gold coins that come in necklace form on estate auctions or sites like eBay. These can be a real investment if the price is right, often it is sold out of ignorance for far below the current spot gold price.

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