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Benefits Of Investing In Gold Bullion Bars

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Bullion is a precious metal in bulk form recognized for its fineness and weight at the current value of gold, not for its face value as money. Gold bullion bars come in various sizes and if large and heavy are usually stored in vaults. They range in size from grams to ounces. The smaller sizes can be kept in your home. Ingots, plates, and coins can also be termed bullion. When they are kept in vaults there is a chain of possession that is supposed to be followed so a less pure bar, is not secretly exchanged for a pure gold bar.

Gold bullion bars of 1 oz. will have a much smaller markup than a 1 oz. coin. You would obviously get more value for your money in purchasing gold bullion bars as opposed to gold coins. There are some coins with a lower markup that can be purchased. These are the Mexican 50 Pesos and Austrian 100 Coronas. They are not promoted in the U.S. so their markup is less. Some retirement accounts physically accept delivery of gold bullion bars.

Larger gold bars are kept in vaults. When you want to sell them you will encounter fees such as assay fees, refining and handling fees. It is much more costly and difficult to sell larger bars. Gold bullion stored in vaults or in your home is a hedge against inflation. If the dollar falls in value by 30%, you can be fairly certain that your gold value will have increased. While those holding dollars have lost almost a third of the value of these dollars, the holders of gold have increased their net worth. In case of a national emergency it would be beneficial and wise to have gold bullion bars denominated in grams nearby.

It is very possible to find and purchase gold bars, though a first time investor may find it a little more difficult than investing in gold bullion coins. This is because coins are readily available and easy to find online and in brick and mortar gold dealer stores. They tend to be cheaper and in smaller denominations than your standard gold bar or ingot. Gold coins are also smaller and easier to store and they are far more inconspicuous than a stack of shimmering bars. In addition to that, gold coins are easier to liquidate quickly should the need arise since you also have the collector market to sell to.

That being said, if you are looking to make a serious investment in gold bullion, you won't want to pay the premium that comes along with gold coins. You want as much gold as possible, for as little as possible. Keep in mind though the logistical difficulties of storing, transporting, and assaying the bars when you begin the transaction so you are not blindsided. But the truth is- gold bullion bars are increasing in popularity as economic uncertainty grows and you can get some great deals right now on ebay whether you are buying your bullion by the gram, ingot, or ounce.

Gold Bullion Bars On Ebay

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