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American Eagle Gold Coins

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The American Eagle gold coin is one of the most popular gold coins in all the world. It has a very interesting history. The first American Eagle coins that were minted came from the Philadelphia Mint in the form of $20 gold coins which were designed by James Barton Longacre.

He originally designed two different designs, but one of them is lost in the annuls of history and has never been recovered. The patterns were struck early in 1850, but they still have the date of 1849 on them. Before this time, there was a $10 coin that had the eagle pattern on it, so the new $20 Gold Eagle coin was given the nickname of double eagles.

In 1907, the coin was redesigned again to include the Lady Liberty on one side, and a flying bald eagle on the other. This coin was circulated until the great depression hit in 1933. The great depression hit hard and heavy after WW1, especially in the Federal gold reserves. After a number of failed attempts to bail out the banks where in a similar crisis to today, Roosevelt in 1933 signed the "Gold Confiscation Act" which effectively made it illegal for Americans to own gold. This, and a recall on the gold coins already minted in the US, resulted in much of the gold and the "double eagle" coins being returned to the United States coffers and melted down into larger denomination gold bullion bars.

The only gold that Americans were legally allowed to own was gold coins that had a recognized value to collectors. As a result, the pre-1934 gold double eagle coins are highly prized and sought after by collectors.

In 1985, the US Mint finally released another gold coin that was officially authorized by congress. The new coins were not pure gold, but rather contained trace amounts of silver and copper to help make the coins more durable and scratch resistant. Now, all over the world, the American Eagle Gold Coin is recognized and respected to investors and collectors alike.

If you have something left after investing in an American Eagle Gold Coin, could might also wish to pick up a fine gold wrist watch.

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