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China Panda Gold Coin

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The Chinese Panda Gold Coin is among the most unique gold bullion coins on the market. First released in 1982, these coins have featured a different panda design each year. The result is a highly collectable gold coin. Many collectors enjoy buying as many different years of the panda gold coin as possible. Although up until 2004, the Chinese were prohibited from purchasing their own gold coin.

The coin itself depicts the changing panda bear design on one side, and on the other shows the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. One ounce gold panda coins are the most popular, although there are other smaller sizes available. The smaller sizes make popular gold jewelry like earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Every year China mints a limited number of even larger panda coins, up to 12 ounces, but these are very rare to see. Due to the relatively high premium the China mint charges on these coins, they are not as popular with gold coin collectors. However, older gold panda coins are very rare, they were produced in small quantities and are highly prized when found in mint condition by collectors. When maintained in mint condition, one can fetch a very heft price for the Chinese Panda Gold Coin with passionate collectors. So be sure you take good care of your panda, and it will take care of you!