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A Closer Look At Silver Investment

August 5th, 2009 admin Posted in Silver Investing No Comments »

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Not to sound insulting- silver investments have always been seen as the "poor man's gold." It has been since before "the Cross of Gold" speech of presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan. The phrase simply means you would need more than an ounce of silver to equal an ounce of gold in value. Those looking to buy silver as an investment do it in many forms. Some like to invest in historic coins, others in specific stocks that mine silver, some in silver exchange funds which invest in a basket of silver stocks. It is best to have the silver close by in your physical possession as a means of Silver Investing.

In these times with the dollar shrinking and inflation on the horizon, one must hedge for their very survival as opposed to just profiting. This means you should have a ready supply of silver to be used as currency in an emergency such as the hyperinflation in Germany of 1923. Hyperinflation meaning an inflation that makes your dollar less valuable from hour to hour as opposed to a slow process.

Silver is "the poor man's gold" and that is where its value comes in. If I need to eat, and all I have are expensive gold coins, that will be an expensive meal. Silver investing should take the form of "junk silver," which is a bag of silver coins with a silver component of from 40%-90%, with the 90% the preferred percentage. This means if I need gas for my car in a national emergency or hyperinflation, a coin or two will get me through. No need to turn over a gold dollar for the gas. The silver content of 90% in American coins will cost you approximately 10 times face value when purchased now. That means a 1944 dime will cost you at least a dollar to buy, though this fluctuates. Silver will eventually go much higher. Now is the time to stock up on junk silver through Silver Investing.

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