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Gold Bullion Trading

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Smaller denominations of gold bullion holds its liquidity better than other gold investments. Liquidity means how quickly you can turn it into cash. Bullion means it is priced by the market on its fineness and its weight. When purchasing gold bullion many dealers will only take a check and wait about a week for it to clear. Not to worry, you are locked into the agreed upon price whether gold goes up or down. In these uncertain times many are turning to tangible coins as a form of investment. This can be the American Eagle, which is available in 4 sizes. The American Buffalo gold bullion is also for sale. The perennial Maple Leaf and Krugerrands still can be yours. A commission for minting and distribution will be added on. It is still a good idea to compare prices online. Bullion pieces are not priced for rarity and craftsmanship, just as mentioned gold content and weight.

When the time comes that people believe, as is becoming somewhat more prevalent now, that better times are coming the market price of gold will fall. You might want to sell the gold bullion back if you are under the impression that the economy will be booming. On the other hand you could save the coins for a coming rainy day or one that your offspring will experience.

Bullion can also be in the form of ingots and bars both large and small. Large heavy amounts of bullion will have to be kept somewhere other than your home, unless you live in a castle. Selling larger sized bullion will always entail extra costs that will decrease your profit. Like in stocks, commissions are involved, gold will have to rise sufficiently to offset fees such as the high shipping charges to get the bullion coins to your home and the bid/ask spread. Remember you can have bullion placed in many retirement accounts.

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Gold Trading- A Safe Investment

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Gold, since it was first found, has captured the imagination of man. The earliest signs of crude gold jewelry happened over 10,000 years ago. From that point on, gold has been a globally prized metal. Gold does not tarnish or fade and it retains its value in every place in the world. As a result, during tough economic times people invest in gold as a way of stabilizing their futures. All of these factors combine to make gold bullion the ultimate commodity. Nothing else on Earth even compares to standard of wealth this glittering commodity sets.

Investing in gold is an art form. It involves looking at the gold market, and comparing it to the state of the economy, and how other commodities are fairing. The gold index displays not just the state of gold, but when overlaid on other charts you see the state of the economy and much much more. The true beauty of gold investing is that anyone can purchase gold on the open market, gold trading in bullion, coins, bars and other forms is a common daily occurrence. Solid gold is sold in grams and a secure investment can be purchased on the open market.

Gold trading prices change daily and gold’s price is based on the world’s politics of the day. Buying gold for investment purposes is a smart way of balancing a portfolio. The best time to buy gold is when it is at its lowest price point and the best time to sell gold is when it nears its peak price.

Buyers can expect to trade gold in dollar and cents per ounce. Normally Buyers buy gold in bullion 10-ounce increments. The most active months gold trading happens is in February, April, June, August, October and December, so it is smart to buy on an off month and sell during a high trading month. Investors need to track the market in order to determine when it is the best time to buy and sell.

Buying gold coins is another way of purchasing gold. Most gold coins also have an added benefit based on the type of coin. Some historical coins are actually worth more than their weight in gold. There are risks in any investment, but trading gold is an investment that often retains its value.

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Online Gold Trading And Gold Futures Investing

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Online gold trading is for the most part trading in futures. That means buying gold for delivery next month to many months later. You are hedging, meaning if you need gold you are assured of a supply through the futures contract. If the price goes up by the time you take delivery, your hedge was unsuccessful. If the price is coming down, then it would be in your interest to take delivery. Most people do not take delivery. Gold is traded worldwide. When you see prices for gold displayed it is from the nearest month with the most activity, usually the next month.

Online gold trading is similar to any other futures contract. A baker needs wheat. He buys futures and assures himself of a supply. If the price goes down he has done well. If it goes up and becomes too expensive he can sell or keep the high-priced wheat, which is better than having no wheat and going out of business. When oil was high the airlines hedged and some of them lost a lot of money for buying futures in oil, that has since come down quite a bit. It takes two to make a contract and each is betting against each other on price.

At the close of the day you get a gold price. This is the spot price. Again this spot price is of the nearest month with the most trading activity. The gold quote usually comes from the Comex Exchange of NY. Most all trades are online and computer generated. The computer automatically buys and sells gold futures contracts on how it was programmed for the clients. It is a risky but exciting, when you are involved in online gold trading. That is why you see many monitors in front of traders. You must keep on top of the price all the time. A few cents in either direction can make you wealthy or bankrupt you.

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Gold Trade 101

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Many find themselves drawn to gold options trading as a way to make quick returns on their investments. This guide will help you figure out the basics on how to trade gold.

A gold trade can take many forms. Some of which are complex and are primarily for those well versed in this field. Gold is defined as a commodity and a trade is a buy and sell. If you buy gold futures or trade gold options, in the vast majority of cases you will not take possession. It may be called “gold bullion trading”, but you are not actually ever in possession of any physical gold bullion. This often is a concern to gold bugs and those who are serious about investing in gold.

You will sell the gold options again, hopefully for more than you paid for it. The units (contracts) here are in 100 troy ounces (@$960 per ounce). That comes to a lot of money. The saving grace is that you can buy on margin with many Forex and Monex type systems. Margin is a type of leverage, in which you do not need to put the entire purchase price down. In fact very little is needed to put down, which cuts both ways, a big gain or a big loss, which is accompanied by a margin call for more money

In a gold trade with gold at $1,000 an ounce with a purchase of 100 ounces, a rise of .10 is a considerable gain. You can sell immediately, pay your commission and be content. It also works the other way. A trade might go down in a day resulting in a loss, but you are assuming over the next week it will rise considerably. You then have a loss, but in a week you could recoup the losses many times over. Gold trading is not for the weak of heart, and it is not a long term investment strategy. In the short to mid term though trading gold options and futures can be quite lucrative. Especially when the economic climate tends towards panic and fear, gold stocks and options tend to go up.

The gold trade also encompasses other transactions such as purchases of coins and bars or other forms of gold bullion. Gold etfs, gold stocks, gold mining stocks are other ways to make a short-mid term gold investment. In most of these cases an investor is not able to take possession of their gold in this case, and all they have is a piece of paper and a few 1’s and 0’s with their name attached to it. When you think gold will fall you can sell your gold options and take your profit.

You may buy or sell gold stocks or equities depending upon what you assume the future price of gold might be. Remember everyone has a different opinion and just because the individual might be wearing an expensive suit and look well in it does not make him a sear on future gold prices. Use your common sense, educate yourself on the current state of the economy and the future of gold commodities, and get out there and trade gold!

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Gold Commodity Trading

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Gold Trading Is A Good Short Term Investment

Gold Commodity trading, often also known as Trading Gold Options or Gold Futures Trading, is buying futures or contracts for gold delivery. Like all futures you can sell before and not take possession of the actual gold. Gold trading in this way is has its advantages and disadvantages. Short term and medium term, there is a lot of profit to be made off of gold bullion trading and trading gold commodities. There is a lot of leverage in this kind of a market and you can buy on margin. This means you can purchase more gold than the money you are putting down. Just look at the Forex and Monex market to see exactly what this means, for a minimum payment quite often the will "give" you a few thousands of dollars to invest. This makes for large profits but if you get a margin call for more money because the price of gold went down, you can lose a lot of money. This kind of trading is for experts with strong stomachs. It is nothing short of gambling to the untrained gold investor. Each contract is for 100 troy ounces (gold being about $960 oz). You can do the math and see the potential profits that can be made on the short term. In this economy, gold prices look like they will steadily rise in the future, so perhaps it is less of a gamble. Once the economy bounces, the price of gold as a commodity for trading will likely drop and could become a more risky venture.

Buying gold is also gold commodity trading, since you might sell one day completing the trade on the other end. Here you can purchase bars, coins, ingots, gold mining stocks, gold mining stock funds. If you purchase gold mining stocks you are in reality involved in gold commodity trading though not investing in actual gold bullion. Gold being a commodity and stocks are traded daily. If the price of gold is rising the gold stocks will rise with them, not necessarily at the same percentage. There are always external factors to deal with. For example a strike at a gold mine will raise the price of gold commodities futures, but the stock of the company effected by the strike might go down. On the other hand companies might be putting out excellent Guidance for future earnings and their stocks will rise, but that day the price of gold is down due to a positive economic report.

At the present time gold stock companies and all trades involving gold will trend upward. Your physical gold will also trend in this direction. An international incident will make gold go up. An improving economy will have gold moving down. Over the past few years gold has outperformed the equities.

Longterm Gold Commodity Investments

In the longterm though, there is no better gold investment than buying actual physical gold bullion. This is where the real protection lies, as any reader of this blog already knows. If your goal is to protect your assets for years to come, dabbling in commodity trading is not a long term investment at all.

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Gold Trade Options

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Have you considered trying out your hand at trading gold? Currently, many investors are looking for a way to protect their assets and still turn a profit. When the stock markets are uncertain, often other markets are affected as well. Stock traders stop trading their stocks and try to diversify their risky bets in the equity market or other falling market with bonds. This in turn can force yields lower and lower and often into commodities that provide a safe haven from the troubled economy like Gold Bullion. Gold is an incredibly important tool for diversifying your portfolio, not only as a hedge against a failing economy, but as a protection against things like inflation. It is very important that the savvy investor learn as much as possible about the Gold Trade since it can be a protection and a very profitable venture.

Investing in gold hasn't always been easy. Buying spot gold like gold bullion bars and coins was always an option, as was market speculating with gold futures. However, for short term and highly profitable investments, the SPDR gold trust ETF and other gold ETF's have become accessible to the average investor.

Often called the GLD, the SPDR gold trust is a very valuable exchange traded fund since most of its value is tied directly to physical gold bullion. Instead of having to invest in, assay, and store physical gold bullion, gold ETFs allow you to trade gold like stock. You never actually possess the physical gold bullion, nor can you use the gold exchange traded fund to cash out in bullion, but a GLD ETF provides handsome leverage to the gold investor.

Trade Gold Options To Hedge Against Inflation

Why is gold such a good investment and hedge against things like inflation? This is because of golds inverse correlation to the current value of the US dollar. When the dollar falls, gold prices rise since it takes more $$ to purchase an actual ounce. On the other hand, as the dollar rises, gold prices fall in the sense that it takes fewer dollars to buy spot gold.

When it comes to gold trading, a certain level of inflation in the dollar can actually be a good thing. With the Fed printing money like there is no tomorrow, it is a safe bet to assume that inflation will rise faster than ever before. In a strictly dollar point of view, gold's value will increase along with the inflation.

Trading Gold In Uncertain Times

Gold is not just a wise investment to trade in an inflationary economy. It is also a safe haven, a shelter in times of unrest. Gold holds intrinsic worth, and as such is another source of wealth and value. Gold is universally accepted as a form of money, and while currently fiat money like the US Dollar is too, gold has a much longer and more successful history of being the standard of wealth. Hence why it is a hedge against an unsteady financial system.

Likely you have realized by now that gold is both a hedge against uncertain and unsteady times, as well as in times of inflation. This makes it one of the most ideal commodities to trade! Trading gold though does carry risk, gold prices could collapse once the world economy turns around. Judging from the market forcasts though, this isn't going to happen any time soon, and in the meantime there is a lot of money to be made in the gold trade for the savvy gold investor!

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