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Thanks to modern economic and technological revolutions, there are more ways than ever to invest in gold coins and bullion and buy gold online. As gold prices increase and the demand continues to rise, more and more investors are looking to protect their assets and buy gold as a way of diversifying and protecting their investment portfolios. Owning gold doesn’t always mean you need physical gold bullion or actual gold coins. Just like many trade and buy stock online or use other investing tools, there are ways of owning “virtual gold” that you can purchase via secure mastercard such as gold options, Gold ETF certificats, gold accounts, shares, spread betting, and many others. Take a look through our site for articles, tips, and guides on the various ways one can invest in gold. Find additional sites like Goldline International where you can buy silver coins at Goldline and learn about the benefits of investing in gold.

Buying Uncirculated Gold Coins

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The concept of uncirculated gold coins has been around for quite some time. What this means is that the coin has never been circulated into the regular currency reserves which means that every single specimen is in mint condition.
For the sake of collectors, and for the maintaining of value, the United States Mint creates sets [...]

Where To Trade Gold Flakes

Over the years, many people have made the decision to purchase gold flakes. In most cases, they get their hands on vials from different dealers on E-Bay or other auction websites. Before we get too far into discussing how and where to trade gold flakes, it is important to take the time to denote exactly [...]

Salt and Gold Trade In Africa

When it comes to lucrative trade, perhaps one of the best places for any investor to look at is the country of Africa. The salt and gold trade in Africa has some amazing potential and has been done for hundreds of years.
As for the salt trade, for centuries men have crossed the northern deserts to [...]

Investing In Gold Producing Mines

Did you know that if you want to make a really good profit through investing in precious metals that the only way to get a continuous income is through investing directly in the gold mines? That’s right; you can actually invest in gold producing mines and share in the profits that mine makes.
Just think about [...]

Gold ETF Investing

It was back in 2004 when the exchange-traded fund or ETF was first launched. Its use of course is to track the value of gold on the U.S. markets. Versus buying real gold or even gold certificates, the ETF was considered to be a very inexpensive option for anyone who is just starting out with [...]

Vicenza Gold Trade Fairs

In Vicenza, Italy, every year one of the hottest and largest trade fair occurs and thousands of investors from all over the world flock there hoping to get the lowest possible prices on the most popular of precious metals. The Vicenza gold trade fairs are a hot spot when it comes to finding the lowest [...]

Investing In Gold In China

For those who have a bit of experience in the world of precious metals investing, you already know that there is an amazing gold market in China. For those who are relatively new to the whole experience though, you may have known about the African investments, but not too many realize the profit potential when [...]

Investing Blog Carnival #1

We are featured on an investing blog carnival on Stock Market Investing Today this month. They are a great blog full of stock market investing tips and tricks. Go ahead and visit them if you get the chance. This is the first blog carnival for investing that we have participated in, and hopefully with time [...]